Background & Career


Currently based in the USA, Em was born in London, England to her Spanish mother and Chinese father. 

Em’s formative years were spent on the fascinating island of Hong Kong, and it was here that she nurtured her passion for exotic wildlife, catching and bringing home snakes, turtles and various insects. 

At the tender age of 10 years old, she was already managing a pet shop after school, and spending weekends in the local veterinary office, learning about different medical procedures.

Having a strong affinity for the dogs whose operations she observed, she was given a job at the Hong Kong (R)SPCA, where she trained surrendered and feral dogs in preparation for re-homing. She specialized in training difficult, fearful and aggressive dogs.

Upon return to the UK, Em finished her mandatory studies and nurtured another passion - Acting. 

After studying acting and presenting for a further 5 years, she emerged with a triple distinction and diploma in Performing Arts, excelling in classical works, advanced staged combat and voice work.

A jack of many trades, Em worked successfully as an actress, with her most notable work in global cult classic ‘The Human Centipede 2’. Em also worked for a time as a Zoo Keeper, and also opened, nurtured and sold a prestigious London-based doggy day care. 

She found her true calling when she began working as an animal educator, taking animals into schools, universities, museums and even prisons to give educational presentations, thus combining her passion for animals with her training as a performer. 

An avid lover of travel and wildlife exploration, Em has filmed her adventures in countries such as China, Thailand, the Arctic and Africa. 

By far Em’s most popular YouTube series is her unique ‘Creature Feature’ series, where she picks an animal and shares surprising facts about them in an upbeat, family friendly style. 

Alongside her YouTube channel, Emzotic runs two businesses and also works in creating bespoke wildlife programs with her Zoologist fiancé, Danny Mendez of the award winning podcast ‘Urban Jungles Radio’. 

Together, they donate their shows to USA Army Veterans, and children with special needs. 

Emzotic continues to grow her audience and has an array of exciting, secret projects in the works to bring education and conservation through entertainment. 

Stay tuned for her next adventure!

Bonus Facts

  • Em can speak English and Spanish fluently. 
  • She won The Reptile Report award for best video channel of 2017
  • Is good friends with Vice's 'Venom man', Steve Ludwin.
  • She has been a consultant for Animal Welfare law in the UK. 
  • Em has performed educational Animal Shows for the Lord Mayor of London.
  • She helped to promote the first ever educational Rattlesnake Festival in Texas.